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L2 Learning and Literacy serves the Broomfield, Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Westminster and surrounding communities by providing remediation services for dyslexia, reading deficiencies, written language and math. L2 believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn through the right modalities and is committed to helping children experience success, increase their self-confidence, and successfully perform in their current educational setting. L2’s services are based on proven curriculums including: Alpabetic Phonics, Take Flight, and Linda Mood-Bell Verbalizing and Visualizing. L2 provides both one on-one and small group sessions, as well as literacy and math camps several times during the year. To hear more about our services or to discuss your situation, complete the Get Started form or call us at 972.849.6342.

Some Surprising Facts About Learning in America
~ 18 %
of the population has a language-based learning disability - only 4% of these will be identified and diagnosed
38 %
of 4th Graders have below basic reading skills
50 %
of children have a chance of being dyslexic if one parent is dyslexic

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Evaluating professionals

This International Dyslexia Association fact sheet Eval Professionals Hal Version 10-25-15 gives great information about how to choose a professional to work with your child.